Whew! It’s been a long week. What with driving up to Scotland, back to Sheffield and back to Ramsgate in a week. Needless to say, I am a little worn out

I went to see Peter Gabriel at the Sheffield arena on Wednesday. The show was great, but I had one word to say at the end:miserablenorthernbastards.

I’ve settled on eMNoBs for short.

Was it too much to just get in the mood for them? It could have almost spoilt my enjoyment of the show, and did to some extent

Without wittering on about how I came to this conclusion, I would point out that it’s not a fluke. I happened to obtain a pair of free PG tickets for Wembley yesterday, and bombed up there like a well known Meatloaf song.

I was sat in row ‘Q’, probably further away from the round as at Sheffield (I was on the ground there), and really picked up on the vibe of an excellent atmosphere. The applause was louder, the fans clearly enjoyed it more, and there was a great ‘feel good’ feel at the end of the show.

It’s a shame. But I think that this evokes a new challenge to those boffins who like to calculate the formula for a perfect chip.

How do you measure peoples’ miserable-quota? And more importantly…
How do we keep Emnobs out of concerts?