Philly’s Farewell

Went to see Phil Collins last night. Pretty good show, played the hits that everybody wanted to hear (sans any material from ‘Both Sides’), had a good light show, and was on top form.

I wouldn’t mind knowing where he gets his boundless energy from. I could do with some of that. Especially as I’m walking around today coughing and spluttering like an old man with a croaky voice like I should be on a ‘give up smoking’ ad.

The only downer (and I’m not sure who’s fault it was), is that either the PA was totally screwed or the acoustics in Wembley Arena are awful. There was about a half-second delay coming from the back wall which carried all the high-end sounds. This meant that throughout the various songs it sounded like either someone was whispering in my ear, an AM radio was being piped through the PA, or there was such a mish-mash of sound that it was tough to pick out the mish-mash that I wanted to hear!

Oh, and Wembley’s staff dealing with the merchandise stands were terrible! That was a fiasco worthy of another story.

Nevertheless, it takes more than minor things to get me down, and a great night was had by all.