I Nest My (Documents) Case

An odd problem popped up today. Every time I attempted to save or open a file in my network area, I’d get the following error:

Invalid Page Fault in module Kernel32.dll

It turns out that it’s because I have a folder called ‘My Documents’ in the My Documents folder. Every time I clicked on it, Word 2000 would throw its toys out of the pram and crash and burn, taking my work with it.

The solution was found on in KB304504. Apparently it only affects Office 2000 thankfully.

Needless to say, my punning has pleased me no end today 🙂

I watched her as she walked across the poles…

So I ordered Jon Collins’ Seperated Out for Helter Skelter Books last week.

They’re a London-based bookstore that specialise in musical books.

A couple of days after I ordered the book, it turned up. In POLISH no less! I e-mailed the store and they promtply replied admitting that they had cocked up and would send me out a nice English copy.

So it turned up this week. I’m a happy shopper and the e-mails I received were always prompt and friendly.
These people show how to put service into customer service.

Highly recommended.

As a side note – If anyone gets the lyrical reference I’ll give them a prize 🙂