I watched her as she walked across the poles…

So I ordered Jon Collins’ Seperated Out for Helter Skelter Books last week.

They’re a London-based bookstore that specialise in musical books.

A couple of days after I ordered the book, it turned up. In POLISH no less! I e-mailed the store and they promtply replied admitting that they had cocked up and would send me out a nice English copy.

So it turned up this week. I’m a happy shopper and the e-mails I received were always prompt and friendly.
These people show how to put service into customer service.

Highly recommended.

As a side note – If anyone gets the lyrical reference I’ll give them a prize :)

  • http://www.mikestewart.v21hosting.co.uk Mike Stewart


    You miss quoted it deliberately, NTL I claim the prize!

    It’s Marillion from the album “Afraid of the Sunlight” Track “Cannibal Surf Babe”….

    Just to put you right

    Well she tied me to the headboard with a surf leach
    And her wet hair hugged her body like a long-lost friend
    And I really tried my best to get across to her
    But nothing she would say could be defended

    Well her birthday suit it was her only present
    When I looked into her eyes – no history
    And I told her eating people wasn’t pleasant
    But she laughed a snake eye laugh and walked away from me

    I watched her as she walked across the coals
    I watched her as she walked across the coals

    Take care – big prizes consisting of cash only!