Win2Lin Day 1

I had Steve around my place today to help me set up the Linux box and ensure that the platform material is working correctly.

The major tasks today involved configuring Apache with PHP 5 and mySQL.

Thankfully, SUSE 9.3 comes with mySQL 4.1, saving a great deal of aggravation. The catch is that SUSE 9.3 seems to come with PHP4. So the task to set to was to effectively install some elements well. A key program to install is apt-get, which I found through’s guide to The Perfect Setup – SUSE 9.3.

Once apt-get is installed, you can download the appropriate updates by following the instructions. This has enabled us to have a system working as well (if not better), than the previous Windows system.

Next move was to install remote support over a number of alternate sessions. This is possible in Windows XP SP2 with the appropriate BETA hack.

There’s still a great deal to do. The first step is to convert my Outlook 2003 data, and get all my PIM stuff working on Linux…