Win2Lin Day 2

So here I am on the Linux PC.

I’m growing increasingly frustrated at the various flavours of Linux, and the subtle differences between them. So much so that I can’t even find a simple command line to restart the samba server.

the IMAP server seems to be fickle. I can’t get Squirrelmail to show me the inbox. It could possibly be due to the vast number of emails that I have copied in. Yet, I thought that’s the whole point of IMAP – to work speedily across a network? Hmm.

fetchmail and fetchmailconf caught me out a couple of times today. The final moment was when the fetchmail daemon wasn’t downloading my emails. I realised that I had configured fetchmail as my user, rather than the root. So I had to copy the data from /home/user/.fetchmailrc to /etc/fetchmailrc. Once that was done, the mails seemed to drop in correctly.

Openoffice read my rotas that I put together in word correctly. I saved the latest version as an rtf and htm for distribution, rather than doc.

Worryingly, file access seems to be stalled. Accessing the root folder or simple tasks like deleting file seem to take an unnecessarily long time.

I also managed to get the HP Laserjet 1100 through the Intel Netport Express working by using a hybrid of editing the hosts file and printing directly via IP to the print server.

It’s been a long day, but I’m gradually getting things sorted. There’s plenty more ahead though šŸ™