ARGH! My emails!

I’m in the middle of a worrying situation.

After carefully copying all of the relevant emails over to the IMAP server on the Linux machine, I seem to have misconfigured something and had to reset the server and the services.

When everything fired back up, all the emails had disappeared!

I’m just trying to get everything back on, and then immediately back it up. I think a daily backup of the IMAP server might not be a bad idea.

On the plus side, I have managed to get squirralmail and nocc working on the apache server without any hitches.

I hope that I can have it running smoothly by the end of today.

Baby proofing

In Windows, I had an autoIT script that would disable the CD drive eject buttons when I logged on.

John was showing an interest in my endevours today and almost snapped one of my CD drive drawers off!

Luckily, there is a tool in Linux that does the job for me – cdctl.

By running the commands:
cdctl --lockdrive=1
cdctl --lockdrive=2

The drive door doesn’t eject, and leaves me feeling a bit safer.

As always, I’ve disabled the power button. This time through YaST, Power Management and then ACPI settings.

I still need to get around to disconnecting the reset button though.