Clicker & ACTIVprimary registry problems

Today I spent much longer than I should have done trying to fix many different problems to do with the registry and permissions on a school system.

The main problems were Clicker 4 and ActivPrimary2 software for the IWB’s. The ACTIVprimary software kept coming up with the following error. “problem with temporary working folder: C:\documen~1\Nick\locals~1\temp\activprimary. Please check that you have full access rights to the TEMP folder. Now what was weird is I did have full access to the TEMP folder, it also created the file it needed to create within the folder.

Also Clicker 4 kept throwing errors all over the show. ActiveX problems, cannot write to file, all the usual.

Any way after playing with many different things I discovered that the scrrun.dll file in the registry had unregistered itself. Don’t ask how I did this. Anyway the fix, re-register the file. So go to run and type, regsvr32 scrrun.dll, after this a message will appear and all programs magically work.