Groovy Vista Shortcuts

Now that I’ve been using Windows Vista RC2 for some time now, I can definitely say that I’m impressed with the latest offering from Microsoft. The slowdowns are virtually non-existant on a 1GB system, and the window rendering is superb.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some good Windows Shortcut Keys that are new to Vista:

WINDOWS + 1-9: Holding the windows key and pressing a number will launch an application in the Quick Launch bar on the Taskbar. This is very useful. I have the flip windows shortcut as WIN+1 and the Snipping Tool as WIN+2.

WIN+TAB: As most already know, this activates the Flip 3D view when you have a 3D graphics card onboard. Letting go of the WIN key will ‘flip’ the windows back to normal.

CTRL+WIN+TAB: A nuisance with RC1 was that just tapping CTRL+TAB would leave the flip view on screen. Instead, you now have to hold CTRL to keep the flip view on screen without holding the WIN key. Press the HOME key to scroll back to your original window, or press ESC to cancel.

WIN+T: Cycle through windows in the taskbar, shows live preview if available.

ALT+UP: In Explorer, ALT + UP will move to your parent folder. Very nifty when navigating around folders with the keyboard.

WIN+SPACE: Bring all Gadgets to the front

WIN+G: Move focus from one gadget to another on the desktop.


There are loads more, but I think that these ones deserve special mention.

Just a note that both WIN+TAB and ALT+TAB allow mouse interactivity now. Flip 3D allows the wheel to be used as well as the back and forwards buttons used for web browsers.