reg.ini for Citrix ICA Clients on Linux Thinstation Systems

Using PXE booting thin clients is a great way to centrally manage a wide variety of hardware that you may find around a site.

Working on this principle, I’ve found that Thinstation is an excellent administrator’s tool for building custom thin client stations that can easily be deployed around a network with relative ease.

At some point, I plan to write a guide for setting up the whole system for *gasp* a Windows administrator who has little knowledge of Linux.

In the meantime, for those ahead, I’ve found that it is nice to be able to deploy the reg.ini for Citrix ICA. This is handy if you need to preconfigure the ICA Client. The reg.ini file stores data such as the location of the NFuse server configuration files for the PNAgent, default username and domain details and various other settings.

First of all, run the Citrix ICA client on a machine where you can easily access the file system. Once you have it set as you like (for instance, opening on the PNAgent screen with present domain settings), copy the reg.ini file from /home/user/.ICAClient/reg.ini (user is the username on the system).

Right then.

  • Log on to your Linux system and cd to the thinstation build directory
  • Copy the reg.ini file to packages/ica/lib/ICAClient/config
  • edit the file packages/etc/init.d/ica.init file and add the following lines of code to the start:
    mkdir $HOME/.ICAClient
    cp /usr/lib/ICAClient/config/reg.ini $HOME/.ICAClient/reg.ini

This is slightly modified from Phillippe Millette’s example, as the $ICA_TMP variable does not seem set on Thinstation 2.2.

Rebuild your thinstation image and you should have a pre-configured ICA Client.