Using the RTSP Protocol with the PHP header function

I had a great deal of trouble getting Internet Explorer to redirect the header to a RTSP link using the header function in PHP.

I found that in IE, I would get a HTTP 402 error (page has been temporarily moved). IE would happily sit there and tell me it could not be found.

Firefox was a little more robust and displayed a page which resolved an alternatve link – “Object Moved” gracing the page and a link to the rtsp link. This would also automatically open the link in Firefox.

Thankfully, I found the answer on the Jalix PHP manual.

I think that the idea is to generate a RAM-style link to the RTSP protocol rather than redirecting directly to it:

Header ("Pragma: ");
Header ("Cache-Control: ");
Header ("Expires: ");
Header ("Content-Type: audio/x-pn-realaudio");

# insert DB code here
print "rtsp://$filename";

That should happily create a working link to the RTSP transport.

And to Schu, yes – that saved me loads of time.