Beryl Cube doesn’t work with the Workspace Switcher

Sometimes I get a little carried away with messing around with the settings in Beryl. I think that through various upgrading to 0.2, downgrading and then upgrading through the SVC repository and playing with options, I’ve probably wasted 5-6 hours of my life.

Anyway, one thing I have noticed is that the desktop switcher sometimes doesn’t rotate the cube, but instead opens a new workspace with a different cube. Not really much use, but I think I’ve found something that resolves this:

  • Open up Beryl Settings Manager, and click Desktop
  • Make sure that you have Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube selected
  • Click on General Options, and then General Options (on the left)
  • Scroll down to the option Horizontal Virtual Size. Make sure it is set to 4 (you can change this after the cube rotate is working again).
  • Set the Vertical Virtual Size to 1
  • Set the Number of Desktops to 1

Now click quit, and try the virtual desktop switcher. If all has gone to plan, then it will work, and you’ll be in a switching dream.

If it doesn’t still work, don’t worry:

  • Reopen Beryl Settings Manager
  • Under General Options, scroll down to Vertical Virtual Size, and change the value to 2. You should see the active windows change size in the workplace switcher.
  • Change the value back to 1, and try to switch the desktop again

If all has gone to plan, you can now use the workplace switcher to rotate the cube again.

For those concerned, I am running Ubuntu Edgy with Beryl 0.2 – your mileage may vary.