Getting Mousey with the Logitech MX5000, MX1000 mouse, Ubuntu, Evdev and some Extra Mouse Buttons

As I get more and more stuck into getting Ubuntu to work nicely for me – I find myself more and more determined to resolve the little issues that nag me.

Today, I decided to finally get the extended mouse support for my Logitech MX5000 desktop working, and thankfully the process wasn’t too fraught with Bad Stuff Happening(TM).

So, after a quick google, I found that Mat Van Stone has very recently tried the same thing, which has made my life a great deal easier. Also a post from the Ubuntu forum assists in the expanding of the functionality.

I haven’t got into Section 2 of the guide yet, but I’ll be trying that out soon. In the meantime, I have used Beryl Settings Manager to configure the task switch button to run the Scale function, which is how I used it in Windows XP with TopDesk (the Expose for Windows prog).

What’s nice is I use ALT+the task switch button to Scale windows on all desktops, and the button alone for the current desktop.

It’s reasons like this I’m liking using Linux more and more.