Lacking Somewhere

It’s been a little while since I last posted, so I thought that I’d better throw something up for 3 reasons.

  1. I’m sitting at a computer installing over 10 CDs worth of software, and extremely bored
  2. Lots is happening in my life, a great deal of which I can’t go into on this blog
  3. Some stuff does happen, but I’m always too busy, and so I end up forgetting.

Well, no more! One of the core reasons for less posting is that this blog is fundamentally self-serving. I use it mainly for my own reference, so that if I need to do something IT-related I can load up the blog. Likewise, if I’m talking to someone I sometimes say, “I had that problem – search for it on my blog.” It’s a doddle. The investment in time is always a catch, though, and so I sometimes slip up and not post for a while.

So a rundown on cool things that I’m keeping an eye on or doing is coming right up.