Using Rhythmbox as a Media Renderer

I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron over the weekend. The process was relatively painless, and some of the upgrades made little, but nice, improvements.

Finally, the UPNP media rendering functionality in Rhythmbox is working!

To set this up, you need to access the command line, and install the pyhton-coherence package:

<code>sudo apt-get install python-coherence</code>

Once installed, fire up Rhythmbox, and click on Edit > Plugins.

Once there, tick the box for DLNA/UPnP to enable UPnP.

Rhythmbox Plugins Menu

Click Close and you should see a new shared tab on the left, which will list your network UPnP servers.

It’s somewhat limited in that it doesn’t present you with the various folder views that other media renderers will – but at least you can pick out music from network devices.

Rhythmbox Shared Tab


  • rodgersan

    Hey, I don’t know how you did it but I’m impressed. I have been trying to get my Lacie ethernet disk content (powered by twonky) working for 3 days and I can’t. Rhythmbox doesn’t see it and I’m stuck with lame daap support. Did you do something special? (python stuff installed). It was working well on gutsy with extra packages found on the web.

  • John

    You’re right. I hadn’t got around to testing RB across a network. At the moment, it only seems to identify UPNP servers on a local machine making it rather pointless.

    There must be some network configuration or route that is required, but as yet I can’t seem to work it out.