Stop Sexy Bookmarks from being filtererd

I’m quite a fan of the Sexy Bookmarks WordPress plugin. There’s clearly an element of grace in the design and the developers make no bones about how it should be perceived. Being ‘sexy’ has an inexpressible appeal for anything but it can cause headaches simply because of the connotations that are also brought up with it.

For example, searching in Google for Sexy Bookmarks is innocent enough at first until you get a few pages into the results.

The other problem is that corporate firewalls like WebSense can block words such as ‘Sexy’ if they appear in filenames. This is, rather unfortunately, the plug-in’s downfall. Especially if you want your blog or site to appeal to users who likely work for larger businesses.

The key thing is to make a few filename changes to ensure that it doesn’t get blocked, so here’s a few steps to workaround that.

  1. Before uploading, rename the plugin folder to something else. I’m using “trendybookmarks”
  2. Rename the following files:
    /js/sexy-bookmarks.js > /js/trendy-bookmarks.js
    /js/sexy-bookmarks-public.js > /js/trendy-bookmarks-public.js
    /images/sexy-icon.png > /images/trendy-icon.png
    /images/sexy-logo.png > /images/trendy-logo.png
    /images/sexy-sprite.png > /images/trendy-sprite.png
    /images/sexy-trans.png > /images/trendy-trans.png
  3. Open /sexy-bookmarks.php; find and replace the following text:
    js/sexy-bookmarks.js > js/trendy-bookmarks.js
  4. Open /public.php; find and replace the following text:
    js/sexy-bookmarks-public.js > js/trendy-bookmarks-public.js
  5. Open/css/style.css; find and replace the following text:
    ../images/sexy-trans.png > ../images/trendy-trans.png
    ../images/sexy-sprite.png > ../images/trendy-sprite.png
  6. Open /css/admin-style.css; find and replace the following text:
    ../images/sexy-trans.png > ../images/trendy-trans.png
    ../images/sexy-sprite.png > ../images/trendy-sprite.png
    > ../images/trendy-logo.png

And that’s it! Everything should work, and I don’t think that I’ve missed anything. All you need to do now is upload the plugin and active it. Make sure that you DO NOT have a sexybookmarks folder in the plugins folder – I’m sure that the result wouldn’t be nice.

  • Josh

    Hi there!

    Thanks for posting this up… I’m actually debating whether or not it would be “worth it” if I were to somehow incorporate a feature such as this into the plugin where it can be done with a few clicks and keystrokes…

    However, I’m nowhere near a decision yet so I’ll be redirecting people to your post until such time as I release that feature.

    Thanks again!