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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

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Where Are All My Customers?

Parent and Small Child Space
How many of your customers 'drive away' without you realising?

I was out shopping the other day and I did something that I’ve done many times when I’ve driven into Asda: I drove around to the parent and child parking spaces. Then I drove out of the car park and went to Sainsbury’s instead.

So what just happened?

A simple thing, really. I wanted a parent and small child space, and there were none. None at all. This happens quite often, and is a clincher for me when I’m finding a supermarket to go shopping at. I’m not going to rant on why the bays are a good idea as they are for many reasons. But I’m going to point out something that happens frequently at Asda and Tesco here, and why I think there’s a trick being missed. Continue reading Where Are All My Customers?

Why Not Let Business Leads Chase You?

This chap doesn't know it yet - but you're calling him to fix his problems

One of the constant struggles in business is trying to engage new customers, and catch them when they need you. Businesses are constantly trying to come up with clever ideas to remain in the potential customer’s mind at all moments so that when you suddenly think “I need a quote for car insurance” that brand is right at the front of your mind.

So, I’ve had a thought. Why can’t we turn this around and have customers advertise to us? Continue reading Why Not Let Business Leads Chase You?