Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

  • Huh, didn't realise that Samba has a Recycle Bin option out of the box. Very handy. #
  • I came up with a clich├ęd metaphor about Google+ at the moment. #
  • Still no #BlackBerryTraffic in the UK despite being V3 in Beta. Can someone tell @UK_BlackBerry that we do have roads here? #
  • Tablets: Moses had two before it was cool, he didn't sue anyone. #
  • Well said! @MarcParadise: If I see "password too long" when registering at a website youre Doing It Wrong. Recommendation:A new line of work #
  • Why does @asda bother having parent and child spaces when anyone is allowed to park in them? At lesat @sainsburys monitor their bays. #

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Start and connect to your VirtualBox VM with a simple script

The way I like to develop is to create specific virtual machines for my web development.

The chore is to start the machine, mount the file system and then open up your IDE. All a nuisance that takes time. So, I’ve taken to writing a simple Bash script that will do the grunt work for you. All you have to do is put in your settings, save it and run it!

This will mount the VM’s web folder onto your file system and let you know it’s connected. All you need to do is then start your IDE of choice! Continue reading Start and connect to your VirtualBox VM with a simple script

An Evaluation of The Toastmasters Rebrand

The new Toastmasters logo

Now I’ve had access to the branding materials I wanted to share my thoughts about the Toastmasters branding and what it means to clubs like Ambassadors Speakers Club.

First of all, the branding overhaul was very much needed in my opinion. I think that consistency is a key factor is showing Toastmasters as a unified organisation and this is the start of addressing those issues.

The new logo and tagline, ‘Where Leaders Are Made’, is fresher and gives the organisation a less ‘stuffy’ feel to it. I always felt that the cross-gavels logo gave the wrong impression about Toastmasters and I was loathe to use it in our club’s website design.

The Good Bits

The colours give a classic, yet contemporary feel. I’ve always felt that the maroon / ochre colour instills a sense of integrity authority for instance. It’s the style that wouldn’t be out of place in Westminister. I’m sure that the overall scheme was investigated with great detail.

The sample marketing material is great – it gets across the keys points of Toastmasters to non-members.

I won’t wax lyrical about why these things are good improvements, as I think that the guidelines book and presentations make that clear and for the most part I agree.

However, it’s not all undulating praise – I want to share some reservations that I have about the rebrand and in true Toastmasters style, offer some points for improvement. Continue reading An Evaluation of The Toastmasters Rebrand

Google+ Finally Appears for Google Apps Users!

I don’t know if it’s around the web at the moment. But Google+ is finally available for users who have Google+ email addresses,

This means that Google Profiles has finally been enabled for the same users and domains, so we should be seeing some more interoperability between Google related sites.

I only noticed that it was available because the web mail interface had a new look available that matches a number of profiled sites.