Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

  • Huh, didn't realise that Samba has a Recycle Bin option out of the box. Very handy. #
  • I came up with a clichéd metaphor about Google+ at the moment. #
  • Still no #BlackBerryTraffic in the UK despite being V3 in Beta. Can someone tell @UK_BlackBerry that we do have roads here? #
  • Tablets: Moses had two before it was cool, he didn't sue anyone. #
  • Well said! @MarcParadise: If I see "password too long" when registering at a website youre Doing It Wrong. Recommendation:A new line of work #
  • Why does @asda bother having parent and child spaces when anyone is allowed to park in them? At lesat @sainsburys monitor their bays. #

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