Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-29

  • "@electricmanfilm: Pre-order the DVD and help us get Electric Man out to an audience at the same time." #
  • #PlayBookGameIdeas Theme Phone Maker: as CEO, build up your own mobile smartphone business and try to avoid being replaced by the board. #
  • #PlayBookGameIdeas Monopoly: Create a tech company. Buy others. Give away your products for free. That's all. #
  • #PlayBookGameIdeas Busker Hero: Turn songs in unrecognisable dirges, while trying to turn a profit. Final stage in Covent Gardens. #
  • Now Play PlayStation Games on Your PlayBook! | BBin #
  • #PlayBookGameIdeas Impossible Mission: social game wherre you find an independant music store, take a pic and upload its location. #
  • Just been to #Margate High St. That's topped my quota of depressing things to do today. #

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