BlackBerry 10 – Backups, Backups, Backups

BlackBerry Desktop Manager with PlayBook connected

Right, let’s cut to the chase.

RIM – you’re current backup system for the PlayBook is inadequate.

There, I got it off my chest. But it had to be said. As you can probably see from this blog – I like BlackBerry. It does what I want it to do most of the time. I want to get things done. I’m nearly always mobile. BlackBerrys keep me connected to everything that I need to do.

But as BlackBerry 10 looms closer, I’m worried that some PlayBook-isms will make it across Continue reading BlackBerry 10 – Backups, Backups, Backups

Update to Disqus

After a long brain-think, I’ve decided to use Disqus for my comments from now on.

There just seems to be no benefit to managing a comments system when there is so much that people expect out of it now.

Please bear with me as my existing comments are synced to “The Cloud” (or as we used to call it – a server on the internet).

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24

  • Tick tock. Tick tock say the clock. Nothing's slowing that bugger down! #
  • Might catch @stephenfry in #Margate today… Maybe he'll sign my House DVDs… #
  • Rewriting a news app using HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery. One HTML should work on every device compiled for – tablet or phone. Yeah. #
  • … And @BlackBerryDev #ripple emulator is making sure that it all works as expected. What amazing tools we have now! #

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Get Ripple to work in Linux

As RIM plough forward and deliver a cascade of development tools – one of the key tools is the Ripple Emulator. The Ripple Emulator allows you to simulate a mobile device in Chrome or Chromium and debug it easily. It’s a great app for creating HTML5 apps.

Unfortunately for us Linux users, we have had the short straw as a quick peek over at the BlackBerry site reveals that there is only a download for Windows or Mac.

Not to be put off – I figured that the code must be pretty much the same for both systems and decided that I’d get it working in Linux. Here’s my howto for getting Ripple working with Ubuntu 12.04 Continue reading Get Ripple to work in Linux

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17

  • It's Monday! So I guess that means a huge good luck to @TaraNowy at the @scotfashawards tonight! #
  • PlayBook OS 2.1 3x faster than 2.0 – @BlackBerryDev @crackberrykevin @asaunders #
  • Cool. Don't suppose you keep your key under the mat?"@crackberrykevin: Flight booked… will be in San Francisco from June 26th to June 30th!" #
  • It's the subtle clues that remind me that the torch is coming to Margate #
  • Can anyone tell me if I need my laptop for #BB10Jam tomorrow? @BlackBerryDev @asaunders @alexkinsella #
  • "@knottyrope: Hyper v or VMware? What would you choose and why?" There's only one way to find out… FIIIIIGHT! #
  • So who from the @CrackBerry will be at #BB10Jam London tomorrow, then? #
  • Really? – Why the UK government wants us to send 1kb text files by CD: #startups #UK @LauraSandysMP #
  • Really? "New blog post on why the UK government wants us to send 1kb text files by CD: #startups #UK" @LauraSandysMP #
  • On my way to #BB10Jam – looking forward to meeting some great @UK_BlackBerry heads. #
  • Cool. Seeing a bit more of BlackBerry 10 and the flow experience today. #BB10Jam #
  • "@artfulbadger: Anyone else miss that dark blue link on the black background? #bb10jam quot; #
  • When was Transport Tycoon an API? #BB10Jam #
  • When will they learn? When introducing another speaker, the current speaker should lead the applause! #BB10Jam #
  • One thing that I've learned at #BB10Jam – most devs are terrible speakers. #
  • Great to meet @FilesFolders at #BB10Jam Nice to hear about some cool features and ideas coming up! #
  • Great news! "@scuebydue: BlackBerry 10 Theme Coming for jQuery Mobile Thanks to RIM Devs #BerryReview quot; #BB10Jam #
  • Loving the Douglas Adams quote in the Cascades slides 🙂 #BB10Jam #
  • Nope. I asked earlier 🙂 "@filos: @CrackBerry wow, is it now included in the dev alphas? #BB10Jam quot; #
  • #BB10Jam Cascades teaches context menu to keep out of my face. Brilliant! #
  • The sample Album app on show will be the native photo album app on BlackBerry 10! #BB10Jam #
  • #BB10Jam looking forward to playing with some app creatin' #
  • A big thanks for @BlackBerryDev and @UK_BlackBerry for putting on a great day at #BB10Jam today. Can't wait to start coding! But first… Bed #
  • Options > Device > Device and Status Info "@footose: anyone know how to get the internal ip address that a 9900 is connected to?" #
  • Another free BlackBerry SatNav app? Check out Gokivo! You can find it at #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10

  • Now it's just getting silly: #
  • Now it's just getting silly: "Your email ID has Won  $2.5million dollars in the Scam Vicitm Award.reply with your Name,Address,Tele" #
  • I've just upgraded to Fibre broadband with Plusnet. Get your t'internet from those Northern folks here! #
  • This looks quite handy! "@BlackBerry: #HowTo Set up parental controls on your #BlackBerry ^TW" #
  • Ha! Awesome! "@footose: Non-tech people …" #
  • Amazing article! Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS | The Verge #
  • He's back! "@davidschneider: Oh dear. Spain downgraded to a BBB rating? If this carries on it might be best if they re-sit the year." #
  • I've just discovered that 'Shaun the Sheep' is a pun! #MindBlown #
  • Waiting for Jira to start to check a conf change: like throwing a knife into the air to see if it will land on your head. While on the moon. #
  • WHO THA MAN!!! Yeah! #
  • Anyone from @scirra planning on being at #BB10Jam #London this week? #

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