Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10

  • Now it's just getting silly: #
  • Now it's just getting silly: "Your email ID has Won  $2.5million dollars in the Scam Vicitm Award.reply with your Name,Address,Tele" #
  • I've just upgraded to Fibre broadband with Plusnet. Get your t'internet from those Northern folks here! #
  • This looks quite handy! "@BlackBerry: #HowTo Set up parental controls on your #BlackBerry ^TW" #
  • Ha! Awesome! "@footose: Non-tech people …" #
  • Amazing article! Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS | The Verge #
  • He's back! "@davidschneider: Oh dear. Spain downgraded to a BBB rating? If this carries on it might be best if they re-sit the year." #
  • I've just discovered that 'Shaun the Sheep' is a pun! #MindBlown #
  • Waiting for Jira to start to check a conf change: like throwing a knife into the air to see if it will land on your head. While on the moon. #
  • WHO THA MAN!!! Yeah! #
  • Anyone from @scirra planning on being at #BB10Jam #London this week? #

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