Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

  • After years of waiting, I finally got to correctly use an XOR operator today! #BestGeekDayEver Yeeeeah! #
  • XOR!!!!! 🙂 #
  • So true. Blown away by the speed. Intense. "@alexkinsella: Handball is amazing! Feel bad I didn't know about this sport. #Olympics quot; #
  • Getting a London rickshaw is essentially a very slow version of connect a hosepipe to your car exhaust and shoving it through the window. #
  • Mario in Hama form – courtesy of my 7yo son 🙂 #
  • Bad news. If Brian May makes this solo too long, the organisers may have to turn off the sound before the end! #closingceremony #
  • Why is Seb Coe wearing giant novelty reading glasses? #

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