Multiple Calendars – For People That Do (And Are Mobile)

Maybe it’s because I’m what would be regarded as a ‘power user’ – but I find calendars on my phone and online with Google very, very useful. What is a seemingly simple tool is enabled and ready to make magical things happen.

A discussion that I raised with one of my BBM groups today was a question: Will BlackBerry 10 support multiple calendars? This is and always has been a big deal for me. Although I found myself explaining to one member¬†why it is important. I hadn’t really considered that those who don’t use calendars wouldn’t see the benefits of multiple and shared calendars.

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10 BlackBerry Paper Cuts


This last couple of years haven’t been the best for Research in Motion. No matter what they do, they seem to be attracting derision from all sides and seem unable to turn around the perception that they are a failing company in the eyes of US media.

With the mis-fired launch of the PlayBook and its delayed updates, the limited impact of BB7 and the further delays of the BlackBerry 10 phones, it seems as though everything’s bleak. RIM is pushing the company to the brink as sales are falling and confidence in the company’s ability to deliver, by both pundits and fans, is gradually eroded.

I was thinking about what RIM could do over the next year to maintain trust and interest in what they are doing. From my perspective I have 10 BlackBerry ‘paper cuts’ that have annoyed me and irritated me for too long now. If they could get these things fixed now before the new phones hit, then they benefit those phones, the current phones AND make BlackBerry users happier. For now.
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An Evaluation of The Toastmasters Rebrand

The new Toastmasters logo

Now I’ve had access to the branding materials I wanted to share my thoughts about the Toastmasters branding and what it means to clubs like Ambassadors Speakers Club.

First of all, the branding overhaul was very much needed in my opinion. I think that consistency is a key factor is showing Toastmasters as a unified organisation and this is the start of addressing those issues.

The new logo and tagline, ‘Where Leaders Are Made’, is fresher and gives the organisation a less ‘stuffy’ feel to it. I always felt that the cross-gavels logo gave the wrong impression about Toastmasters and I was loathe to use it in our club’s website design.

The Good Bits

The colours give a classic, yet contemporary feel. I’ve always felt that the maroon / ochre colour instills a sense of integrity authority for instance. It’s the style that wouldn’t be out of place in Westminister. I’m sure that the overall scheme was investigated with great detail.

The sample marketing material is great – it gets across the keys points of Toastmasters to non-members.

I won’t wax lyrical about why these things are good improvements, as I think that the guidelines book and presentations make that clear and for the most part I agree.

However, it’s not all undulating praise – I want to share some reservations that I have about the rebrand and in true Toastmasters style, offer some points for improvement. Continue reading An Evaluation of The Toastmasters Rebrand

Where Are All My Customers?

Parent and Small Child Space
How many of your customers 'drive away' without you realising?

I was out shopping the other day and I did something that I’ve done many times when I’ve driven into Asda: I drove around to the parent and child parking spaces. Then I drove out of the car park and went to Sainsbury’s instead.

So what just happened?

A simple thing, really. I wanted a parent and small child space, and there were none. None at all. This happens quite often, and is a clincher for me when I’m finding a supermarket to go shopping at. I’m not going to rant on why the bays are a good idea as they are for many reasons. But I’m going to point out something that happens frequently at Asda and Tesco here, and why I think there’s a trick being missed. Continue reading Where Are All My Customers?

Why Not Let Business Leads Chase You?

This chap doesn't know it yet - but you're calling him to fix his problems

One of the constant struggles in business is trying to engage new customers, and catch them when they need you. Businesses are constantly trying to come up with clever ideas to remain in the potential customer’s mind at all moments so that when you suddenly think “I need a quote for car insurance” that brand is right at the front of your mind.

So, I’ve had a thought. Why can’t we turn this around and have customers advertise to us? Continue reading Why Not Let Business Leads Chase You?

Now We Can Make Our Own Gigs

I’ve just been reading John Young’s post on his forum about paying for gigs where you live:John Young Message Board – New ways…...

It strikes me as an odd idea where you pledge an amount of money and once there’s enough money pledged, then it’s likely a gig will be arranged.

I suppose this explains it better (but it still leaves me a little confused):

How does it work ?? Well it’s easy some folks will sponsor shows i.e. $500 or ¬£200 etc etc and some will just pay for a ticket or two and some who are curious will just turn up for free… it’s just a way to get heard and a way to make things happen.
Of course if you buy a share of the concert you can sell parts of that share to friends and we can also try and help you move those ‘tickets’ so it doesn’t cost you too much…and of course no money changes hands until the night of the show.
This is starting to get exciting although it will take time to grow…it means there will be an appreciative audience at the gig and that concerts will happen

So there you have it. It will be interesting to see how this comes together, and if it can make a good model for live music and smaller bands and artists.