Files Be Gone

I noticed that some files were disappearing on one of the Servers the other day. A few people had noticed. And it finally happened to me. I was roaming through my ‘My Documents’ folder when I noticed that folders that shouldn’t be empty were.

Checking out the KnowledgeBase, I discovered that if your profile folder is the same as your home directory, then the server sometimes decides that the best thing to do is delete the files.

Although it turns out that if you use a subfolder in the home folder this resolves the problem.

I certainly hope so. I don’t think too many people will be impressed with files randomly disappearing…

Server 2003 Doesn’t Like My Tally

I’ve been having problems with the Tally 8006e and 8024 running on Windows Server 2003. On a couple of systems I’ve found that the drivers seem to knock out the Windows spool. Whenever it tries to print, an error message pops up saying Unable to create print job.

The fact that it doesn’t even seem to try was quite frustrating. Luckily I was fixing another problem on one particular server and needed to reboot. On startup I had a more useful message Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close. I should have really checked the system log, but this problem had been around for such a long time, I wasn’t sure if it would actually still be there.

So it was with some fortune that I managed to find this new message on the KB article 810894.
Follow the instructions and it will remove the printer drivers and allow you to add new printers afresh.

I Nest My (Documents) Case

An odd problem popped up today. Every time I attempted to save or open a file in my network area, I’d get the following error:

Invalid Page Fault in module Kernel32.dll

It turns out that it’s because I have a folder called ‘My Documents’ in the My Documents folder. Every time I clicked on it, Word 2000 would throw its toys out of the pram and crash and burn, taking my work with it.

The solution was found on in KB304504. Apparently it only affects Office 2000 thankfully.

Needless to say, my punning has pleased me no end today :)

I watched her as she walked across the poles…

So I ordered Jon Collins’ Seperated Out for Helter Skelter Books last week.

They’re a London-based bookstore that specialise in musical books.

A couple of days after I ordered the book, it turned up. In POLISH no less! I e-mailed the store and they promtply replied admitting that they had cocked up and would send me out a nice English copy.

So it turned up this week. I’m a happy shopper and the e-mails I received were always prompt and friendly.
These people show how to put service into customer service.

Highly recommended.

As a side note – If anyone gets the lyrical reference I’ll give them a prize :)

Squaking First Bird Returns!

I was premature with the fixing of the squaking beast last week. The problem manifested itself this week again.

To fix the beast, I settles on copying the NTUSER.DAT file from the laptop next door, as the pupil profiles are identical over all the laptops. Let’s hope it works this time.

I suppose it might have been smart if the profiles on the laptops were made to be mandatory. That would stop it occurring in the future…

Symantec Pains

The battle with SAV continued as the uninstallation of the retail version of Norton AV left a rogue plug-in left on my PC at home

It turns out that my botched upgrade of Norton meant that it left the office scanning plug-in left on my system. Any time that I tried to open a document in Word or Excel, Office threw its toys out of the pram:

Word: The file is inaccessible and cannot be opened (or something like that)

Excel: The file is unavailable (or something similar).

So it turns out that if you do happen to get this problem, then you might want to try and check the knowledge base at Symantec. You should see an article about what registry keys need to be deleted. Although, this didn’t work for me on the first attempt. Excel worked and Word barfed. However, I left the PC alone for a week and it seemed to resolve the issue itself. While switched off no less.