Where Are All My Customers?

Parent and Small Child Space
How many of your customers 'drive away' without you realising?

I was out shopping the other day and I did something that I’ve done many times when I’ve driven into Asda: I drove around to the parent and child parking spaces. Then I drove out of the car park and went to Sainsbury’s instead.

So what just happened?

A simple thing, really. I wanted a parent and small child space, and there were none. None at all. This happens quite often, and is a clincher for me when I’m finding a supermarket to go shopping at. I’m not going to rant on why the bays are a good idea as they are for many reasons. But I’m going to point out something that happens frequently at Asda and Tesco here, and why I think there’s a trick being missed. Continue reading Where Are All My Customers?