Prevent Windows from Reinstalling Group Policy Programs

While Group Policy software distribution is a quick and easy way to get software around a network, it isn’t without its problems. One such problem is when a computer is attached to a new domain. If your software distribution is the same, Windows will still reinstall the MSI packages.

The simplest way is to join export a registry key from a computer that is currently joined to the new domain, and then import it into the new system.

And here it is:

<code>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy\AppMgmt</code>

Deployment of MSP files

It turns out that you cannot patch network installation points directly.

Not surprising really. Why should Microsoft make software deployment manageable out-of-the-box?

Nevertheless, I found a useful article at

You can patch the network installation point directly, by using the following command:
msiexec /a < original .msi and localtion > /p < .msp file and location >.

However, you then need to redeploy the application afterwards. This can be done from within group policy.