VitualBox goes Open Source

After cursing Linux for not seeming to have a decent open source virtual machine platform, I’ve found out that an application called VirtualBox is now open source.

Seeing as I’ve been quite comfortable using Virtual PC 2007 up to now, I thought that it would be nice to see if I can get Windows XP running nicely under Ubuntu.

You never know, this might mean my migration to Linux after all…

Microsoft begin to make good on open formats

Release 1 of the OpenXML Translator for Microsoft Word is now available through Sourceforge.

This tool allows MS Word users to open files saved in OpenOffice Write format (.ODF), make modifications and save the files.

Microsoft is due to release this through its website shortly, and apparently there will be Impress and Calc converters, too.

For people who are considering using OpenOffice, or use both OO and MS Office, this is definitely good news.

The tool will work in both Word 2003 and Word 2007.