EIS – a pain in the eis

So the chap from EIS came into Ellington on Monday. Now around three quarters of the machines will no longer log on. The servers are all on their old IP address that were handed out by RM IfL and to cap it all off – the webmin on the vCDserver is not accessible via the browser, so it had to be pulled down from its home. ARGH!

So a simple job (it’s never simple), has suddenly become a mammoth undertaking trying to get the network back on-line in one afternoon. Russell’s miffed as he said everything was finally settling down after the upgrade to the network.

We’ve come to realise that the procedure for getting this machines going is boot from floppy disk – modify the msdos.sys file to support keys and safe mode with networking – reboot the machine – log in and access the Windows directory by double-clicking on a start menu folder and navigating to poledit – modifying the local settings to allow access to control panel – restart Windows Explorer – go to control panel – change the DNS settings – change the gateway – and check the ip address. Finally reboot the machine and check that it works.

So what’s the problem?