Troubleshooting Software Deployment

Deploying Java across a network was a little touch-and-go today. I had a point where Windows XP hung during the Installing Managed Software phase.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, I decided that the installation had failed. After removing the package from software deployment section of Group Policy, I rebooted the PC and ran the ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ startup option.

Thankfully, the next boot brought up the removing managed software dialog and Windows started normally.

Java Automated Install

Installing Java is a bit of a grind without a repacker, so after scouring the internet, I settled on this snippet:

'Automated Java Installation
If Not(IsObject(CreateObject("JavaWebStart.IsInstalled"))) Then
VBisJWSInstalled = 0
VBisJWSInstalled = 1 "S:\jre\jre-1_5_0_01-windows-i586-p.exe /s /v""/qn ADDLOCAL=jrecore,extra IEXPLORER=1 """
End If

Variables for the executable can be found at Sun’s Java Silent Installation page.