Teamspeak on Lniux

I decided to run Teamspeak on Linux today.

After downloading the tar, I decompressed it /etc/ by following the documentation.

The next task was to copy the data from my old system. As the drive is already mounted in the file system, the process was a breeze. The files to copy are

  • server.dbs
  • server.ini
  • server.log
  • I copied these files into the TS folder and double-checked the permissions. With owner permissions set sa ‘John’, I navigated to the directory /etc/tss2_rc2. Next step was the startup command ./teamspeak2-server_startscript start

    Just make sure that you’re not running the server as root (otherwise it will kick up an error), and everything seems to work ok.

    The only thing I now need is how to get the thing to run when I turn on the PC.