Edit files with Notepad++ From Anywhere on your Network

Notepad++ is a very handy tool. It rocks.

What is annoying is that if you have it installed on a server, then you have to run NPP before opening the intended file that you want to edit.

Well, no more! Using the power of Group Policy Preferences (which also rocks).

First of all, install NPP onto your server but install it into a shared folder that you can access.

Next, open up Group Policy Management and edit the group policy that your user account is in (or those that you want to enable).

Open up User Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Registry.

Crete a new registry setting:

Key Path: Software\Classes\*\Shell\Open in Notepad++\command
Default: ticked
Value type: REG_SZ
Value data: "\\server\share\notepad++.exe" "%1"

Then log onto a computer and right click on all of those files! Yey!

Stop Windows Server 2003 Hanging When Installing Updates

Some of the servers that I manage in locations have a nasty habit of hanging on the final stage of rebooting when trying to apply Windows Updates automatically.

In most locations, I use WSUS to deploy updates around the site which is OK, but when it comes to servers problems arise.

After roaming around on the internet, I found a useful thread at EggHeadCafe¬†which describes the problem I’m having. Apparently, turning off the default user screensaver using the following registry key will solve the problem:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\control panel\screensaveractive
Set the value to 0

This would make sense, as there is a similar problem in Windows XP where if you try to shutdown the system with the power button (or an update) while the screen saver is active, the system will shutdown until the screensaver is turned off by touching the keyboard or mouse.

I’ll find out if this works in a month’s time!

EDIT: Just logged onto one of my servers with this change and it works a treat.