How To Install Windows XP From the Hard Disk Drive

Installing Windows XP / 2003 from the hard disk drive is a bit of a bind, and I have had to do it a few times when there is no CD drive available.

To get it going – you need to have command line access to the target computer. In a situation where there is no CD drive, you can use WDS and a Windows RE WIM. I’ll not go into that right now, but here’s the command to copy the files to your target drive and install Windows onto it.

<code>winnt32.exe /tempdrive:C: /syspart:C: /makelocalsource</code>

Windows will start the first stage of the setup, and then will require a reboot. If setup carries on – then it was successful!

USB Working in Virtual 2.0.4 on Ubuntu Ibex Intrepid 8.10

After upgrading to Ibex, I found that I couldn’t sync my Palm with my Windows XP guest.

After trudging through different websites with contradictory solutions I stumbled on this, which works a charm:

Open the terminal and type
vbox /etc/group

You should end up with something like


Make a note of the group ID (124 in this case). Now run
sudo gedit /etc/init.d/

Find this section

# Mount proc filesystem on /proc
domount proc "" /proc proc -onodev,noexec,nosuid

Below this, copy the following code:

#Mount USB file system
domount usbfs "" /proc/bus/usb usbdevfs -onoexec,nosuid,nodev,devgid=XXX,devmode=664

Replace XXX with the group ID from above.

Save and quit. Reboot the system. The next time you run VirtualBox, you should be able to see the USB devices and use them.