Time To Say “When”

This last year or two has been a pretty crazy one in my life. Some of you know a bit more than others,  but there have been a huge number of things going on. And until recently, I was blissfully unaware of the impact of them.

There comes a time when we have to look around and take stock of what we have, and responsibility for what we have and don’t have.

Vague? You betcha! But I’ll get to all that. First of all, I wanted to let you all know that I’m stepping down as Editor of BlackBerryOS and Gadgism this weekend. It’s a decision I’ve been wrestling with for some time and I hate to go out this way but I believe that it’s for the best.

If you care for the full story then read on.

With the influx of additional children in the form of my wonderful son and daughter, Jack and Natalie, almost 5 years ago I decided to stay at home and look after the kids during the day. In the evenings and at the weekends I’d work as a freelancer and make up the extra money needed to pay the bills to pile food in the extra gaping holes.

As enjoyable as this new role was, I needed new input in my life so I took up blogging and podcasting to put some spark in my love of technology. I’ve loved technology since being a child. It’s changed a huge amount since creating a copy of ‘Championship Sprint’ on a twin-deck hi-fi so your mates could play those tracks that you’d carefully crafted on your Commodore 64. And with all the changes there were new more exciting things. It seemed like a great idea to write and comment about those and I really have enjoyed it.

Being at the BlackBerry 10 launch event was definitely one of those exciting moments, despite the protractors trying to say otherwise.

Engaging with great developers, fans and seeing a great community where everyone is equally passionate about something is amazing. And being a voice in that community has been awesome. I’ve never been a person to throw my weight around on social networks or try to make myself feel superior or better than others. It’s been humbling to know that some folk out there have come to respect some of the things that I’ve had to say.

With all of that said, this last couple of years have been the best – and the worst – of my life.

I’ve gone back to work full time while my wife has started working part-time to have some time with the kids before they all bundle off to school. It’s not fair for me to get home and whip out the BlackBerry and the laptop and ignore the goings on around me to her or the rest of my family.

I’ve made friends and I’ve lost friends along the way. Other friends I thought I had turned out weren’t really friends at all. I misjudged people rightly or wrongly and just lost focus of my own priorities.

I’ve also had health issues. I haven’t been at Death’s door (well I hope not!). But it’s been taking it’s toll on me and it’s those closest to me and those who care about me who suffer the most.

The Social Stuff

I’ve been stripping back on who I follow on Twitter and BBM. It’s nothing personal if you’re one of those people. And I’m always up for a chat on BBM. Just follow my BBM Channel – the chat’s always open (at the moment 🙂 ). It’s just a means to simplify everything and focus on the important things around me.

I’ll still be posting about the technology I love and I’m hoping to get my hands on the next BlackBerry device should one come my way here in the UK (hint, hint BlackBerry 😉 ). On my BBM Channel and Twitter I’m just going to keep talking about things that I love and want to share with everyone.

Keep Moving

As long as the guys let me – I’ll still be happy to post the occasional review, video or opinion piece over at BlackBerryOS. Or maybe more general technology-related stuff over at Gadgism. But it’s been a very time-consuming hobby that I can’t justify ploughing time into. The spark and passion has dwindled and although the interest in there it’s hard to motivate myself.

My interests in music and writing apps and programs have taken a back-seat over this time.

I’ve been going through some old minidiscs (yes, I know!) and finding a few gems that I recorded a while ago. I’m never going to be a rockstar, and recent experience has taught me that I don’t want to be famous either.

The apps are going to restart again and I’m going to get some items uploaded to my Soundcloud account from my youth and coming up now.

I also have a great idea for a web-project which can potentially be huge but will require backing and funding so I don’t really want to go into that now.

And Finally

I’m well aware that this may also appear like the ramblings of someone amid either a mid-life crisis or an emotional breakdown. I can’t promise I’m on neither of those tracks but I’ll keep an eye on things!

I have some reviews and articles to go up this weekend and through the week so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to everyone for all of your huge support over the years. If it hadn’t been for you guys – the reader, listeners, followers, trolls, and the rest – it simply wouldn’t have been worth it without you.