The ‘X’ of the day

My ‘X’ is done today. As I stood at the booth and looked at the list of candidates I froze up. Should I try to stave off Nigel Farage by putting a mark next to the Tory candidate?

Craig Mackinly seemed to have local interests at heart but I don’t like how the Conservatives have and will continue to surreptitiously privatise schools.

A vote for Al Murray is the ‘anti-establishment’ vote. A joke but a message of how the most ridiculous candidate seems a better option that the others (except for the candidate for the party of the planet Ogg or something).

Based on the effort Labour have made here, do they even care about this area? It’s definitely not 1997 anymore.

Lib Dems seem to only want to press ahead with their ‘red lines’ but the trust is gone for some. And again, where’s the campaigning?

When you have to consider your vote based on who you don’t want in, rather than what you believe in, you know that the political system is utterly broken. We’re expected to vote on what we don’t want rather than what we do.

I eventually cast my vote and left the polling station.

But now, as I reflect I feel more disillusioned now when I should feel patriotic. It just doesn’t work anymore, if it ever really did at all in our lifetime.