Viva Espania

One of my new projects at the moment is a Spanish Holiday website. I’ve been looking up domains, and think I might have found one (and damned if I’m publishing it here yet).

The site design has been quite fun. Fireworks’ ability to export slices is a feature that I had been meaning to try – and it does seem that the design of a website should initially be favoured in an application like Fireworks as opposed to jumping into HTML

The fun part is that it hadn’t got a ‘corporate’ edge that the last sites I have made. This one has bright colours and a script font. “Of course I want to go on holiday,” People will say. The trick is to get the wanting a holiday on my site.

So red, orange, black and white in abundance. Not only are they holiday colours, but also the Spanish flag which is a great bonus. It looks pretty. I think there’ll still be some basic PHPing to do in it. Well, I say basic. A simple task in PHP usually ends up being a mammoth project in my case.

I have a meeting with DB Barber to discuss holiday homes and the like, and hopefully as long as it isn’t overly complicated – I should have a reasonable working site.

With Salmestone, my homepage, this blog, and St. Joseph’s under my belt recently, I think that I should manage to impress as well as create a pretty solid site. Here’s hoping.

As an added bonus this week (amid the quagmire of tendering), Derek has been on the blower to tell me that he has set up the Heart/Toybox PHP database and it’s looking good. They’re playing around with the dummy data – so hopefully once it’s all running, I’ll have some happy customers and money for the b – a – b – y. I’m sure that Claire will find uses for it before I get the chance to spend it!

Assault of the dumbfounded

So here I am back at CCJ and everything is normal. There was a log in the technician book asking for a form to add Internet links to the school’s intranet. So I reinstalled Dreamweaver on the development machine (a loose term – it’s an Intel 500mhz with 64MB RAM).

Anyway, I sat down and completed my work eventually. It turns out and Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Windows 98 don’t like each other that much, so I had to reinstall MX v.6. I cursed writing the thing in ASP and was grateful that I had converted the new version to PHP. That still didn’t make it easier for me. I’ve avoided any ASP scripting this year, and only used VBScript for server-side administration on domains. For some reason, the insert record wizard doesn’t like to make it too easy to modify the action once it’s created. Once I had finished the form and discovered that I had missed a field out (I accidentally removed it), I had to start the page over for simplicity.

And what do I get when I say the work is done?
“So they can add links when they want to? That isn’t what I wanted.”


So I’ve had to jiggle to code. They can still add links, but there’s a stamp in the computer name list of the user, time and date that the link was added. At least then it can be traced.

They’ll have to like to like it or lump it for the time being.

Symantec AV

I played with Symantec AntiVirus, as the ex-employee from Symantec said that the commercial version of AV (Dr. Norton’s) had a cruder version of the AV engine compared to the corporate version.

All I will say about it so far is UNINSTALL NORTON FIRST! After a botched install, and some services playing up, I finally managed to uninstall Norton, reboot, and reinstall SAV.

Well, that’s another one for the learning pot.

My Queue

So the BBC had their annual Test the Nation IQ test tonight.

It was a bit of a grind as one of the sections asked questions about a video that they played at the start which I didn’t watch. Luckily, my knowledge of Monty Python sketches and Smith and Jones comedies allowed me to scrape a few points back that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Still, I dropped a few points from last year and ended up with a 129. I swear it was harder than last year, and a few questions I managed by guessing them. My reasoning for others was so far off it was untrue.

Still, it’s a nice way to spend a Saturday night.