FreeWins – Live Windows Rotation in Compiz!

Well, it’s very exciting that a new plugin has been developed that allows live manipulation of desktop windows. Over on SmSpillaz‘s blog, he’s got some links to YouTube as well as a nice screenshot of the desktop.

The plugin is only in alpha and requires compilation on the system that you are using… But the promise is incredible.

If a plugin like this can work, and more importantly, work well, then I think we can expect to see some excellent plugins to take advantage of this.

Some ideas could be:

  • A plugin that shifts windows to the side of the screen rather than minimizing, like a book
  • A feature that allows you to scale windows larger or smaller without actually resizing it.

Of course, that’s just my limited imagination there.

Task Switching in Compiz-Fusion

Being a sucker for all kinds of eye-candy, I’ve been running the latest builds of Compiz-Fusion. I’ve got to say that it is fantastic and makes the desktop experience a much more pleasurable one.

One of the things that has caused an issue is that the Application Switcher plugin (ALT+TAB) keeps on switching to every second window. Very annoying if you have only an even number of windows on the desktop.

Today, after breaking Compiz with an update, I managed to get it behaving itself by essentially reinstalling it – but the fix for the application switcher is even easier!

To fix the switcher

  • Open up the CompizConfig Settings Manager
  • Under Window Management, click on Application Switcher
  • Click on the Actions tab
  • If you have multiple entries for the application switcher (like in this screenshot), you need to make sure that YOU ONLY HAVE SHORTCUTS SET FOR 1 GROUP.
    CompizConfig Application Switcher
  • Once you have cleared the settings so that only one ‘Next Window’ and ‘Prev Window’ shortcut is used, test it out.

And that is it! I think that the only reason that it became an issue was that some settings were inherited from Beryl.