How To Install Windows XP From the Hard Disk Drive

Installing Windows XP / 2003 from the hard disk drive is a bit of a bind, and I have had to do it a few times when there is no CD drive available.

To get it going – you need to have command line access to the target computer. In a situation where there is no CD drive, you can use WDS and a Windows RE WIM. I’ll not go into that right now, but here’s the command to copy the files to your target drive and install Windows onto it.

<code>winnt32.exe /tempdrive:C: /syspart:C: /makelocalsource</code>

Windows will start the first stage of the setup, and then will require a reboot. If setup carries on – then it was successful!

Install a Ranger Package Without Ranger

Following on from my remove ranger script, here is a VBScript that will automatically install Ranger packages without the need for the Ranger software on the network.

It’s a little rough around the edges but it gets the job done. At the moment, it doesn’t report any failures if a file cannot be copied etc.

Download the Ranger Install Package Script and save the file as ranger_installer.vbs. Now just drag a package folder onto the script to install.

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Terminal Server Install Mode Command

As I’m always forgetting these, I thought I’d make a note.

When installing software on a Microsoft Terminal Server, you need to set the server to be in installation mode to support folder virtualisation for users.

One way to make sure that this works is to install any new software through Add/Remove Programs, and then ‘Add New Programs’

A quicker way is to simply use the command line:

change user /install

This puts the server into install mode. After this, install any software that you need to install.

Once done, put the server back into execute mode:

change user /execute

This will switch the user session back to it’s normal mode which is used for running applications.