Use Nokia Handset Codes

I found a useful website that lists a number of handset codes for S60-series phones.

What’s very handy is that it lists a number of reset codes that could be useful if you get unstuck with your phone.

If anyone knows me, they’ll know I have a love-hate relationship with my Nokia N80 and Orange. This helps me to try and resolve some of my long-standing issues.

Naturally, make sure that you back up your phone settings before doing anything daft.

Nokias Don’t Like Baths

My Nokia went for a swim in my bathroom on Saturday.

If only for a few seconds – it caused the phone great distress throughout the day. Even after removing the XPress on covers and drying it down with a tea-towel, it wasn’t happy.

As the day progressed, the screen displayed a wonderful array of psychedelic colours and images. But the phone really only started working properly in the evening. Clearly it all dried out.

The moral of this story is – don’t use your phone while shaving.