Get rid of that diagonal blue and white BlackBerry icon during a call

A few days ago – a weird square icon appeared in the middle of the top part of the screen on my BlackBerry. I knew that I’d pressed a button, but I couldn’t find it for the life of me. It would actually cover the call duration on the theme I’m using.

BlackBerry call equalizer icon
BlackBerry call equalizer icon

It got to a point where I started to scour the internet until I found the answer. While I’m at it – I’ve got to ask: Why is phone documentation so crap?

Anyway, it turned out that it is the call equalizer, which allows me to boost the bass or treble during a call depending on my mood. To turn it on or off simply press the ‘L’ button. This will toggle between those two and off.

New Phone

My new phone has finally been transferred. After living with the agonisingly difficult Nokia N80 for 2 years – I’ve arranged to try out the BlackBerry Pearl. Orange managed to cock up the transfer to the new SIM card, so I’ve been humping a spare phone around with me for 10 days because I wouldn’t know when the transfer would take place.

So far, the experience has been good. The phone is nice and responsive and the sound quality good. It charges through a standard USB connection without the need for drivers to be installed on the computer it is connected to.

Connecting to my wifi network was a cinch. I need to have a bit more of a play yet. I’m still to try out the instant messaging and synchronization tools – but that’s around the corner.

Here’s hoping that this wont be an agonising experience like the N80 ended up being.

Use Nokia Handset Codes

I found a useful website that lists a number of handset codes for S60-series phones.

What’s very handy is that it lists a number of reset codes that could be useful if you get unstuck with your phone.

If anyone knows me, they’ll know I have a love-hate relationship with my Nokia N80 and Orange. This helps me to try and resolve some of my long-standing issues.

Naturally, make sure that you back up your phone settings before doing anything daft.

Nokias Don’t Like Baths

My Nokia went for a swim in my bathroom on Saturday.

If only for a few seconds – it caused the phone great distress throughout the day. Even after removing the XPress on covers and drying it down with a tea-towel, it wasn’t happy.

As the day progressed, the screen displayed a wonderful array of psychedelic colours and images. But the phone really only started working properly in the evening. Clearly it all dried out.

The moral of this story is – don’t use your phone while shaving.