WordPress 2.5

I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 today.

It’s great. Installation was a breeze, and the new admin interface is sleek and simple to use. It works much better than the onl one as an added bonus.

I’m not going to go on and on about it, when so many of its neat features are already on the WordPress site.

One thing that I have found increasingly useful of late is an upgrade script that I found on the internet. Whenever a new version of WordPress is released, I run a shell script that lives on my server, and WordPress is automatically upgraded. I suppose I’ll have to post that soon!

Pings not back

I seem to be having trouble with my installation of WordPress sending out pings to other sites, and also using the Ping-o-matic and Technorati RPC service.

This is becoming a nuisance, as every time I post (which has been becoming gradually more frequent lately), I have to manually ping Technorati.

I have refrained from using other blog services so far, I imagine manually pinging around 50 sites manually might get annoying.

So, I’ll have to have a play and see how I get. If anybody has any thoughts, I’d appreciate it.