Alfresco – You Will Not Beat ME!


I was working and playing with some settings on an Alfresco server to try and harden it security-wise. BIG mistake. I couldn’t get the bugger to start up afterwards. With other work commitments in the way, it’s been down for about a day now. I’ve tried downloading the BETA of Alfresco Labs and read various forums with no joy.

The error was

org.alfresco.error.AlfrescoRuntimeException: A previous schema upgrade failed. Revert to the original database before attempting the upgrade again.

FINALLY I found the solution at Bits n Bobs. It’s ridiculously simple: drop the table alf_bootstrap_lock and restart the server.

Now to deal with the next crisis.

A little late in the day to start whacking

I happened to be watching Dave Gorman’s Googlewhacking Adventure last night. It was a re-run on the Paramount channel from a couple of years ago.

Going into work this morning I got chatting to the lads about the whole concept. I’d never heard of it myself, but Steve said he had. After a quick verification of the rules we went to work, and we were awful!

I gave up after about 30 minutes, we went and had lunch, and then I went to get on with other jobs. The terrible thing about Googlewhacking is that it is extremely addictive and a totally pointless way of wasting time. So when 4 of us are there trying to think of words we could use with philanthropist, important work failed to get completed.

It was while I was ordering some electrical kit, Nick had the Eureka moment and sent me this text message:

Nick wins skyboarding toast

Quite what skyboarding has to do with toast I don’t know. But credit where credit is due, Nick had found a way around the wordlists that plague the internet and destroy your whack results. Skyboarding isn’t a very common word but is listed at, which Google uses for definitions and to confirm that the words are correct spellings.

So armed with this knowledge Steve slapped in another Googlewhack! There was me in my car losing on the Googlewhack thing! And it’s poker tonight! I knew that I had to make sure that I had at least one Googlewhack to use tonight.

I hit a few Googlewhacks using oddly common words with skyboarding, but I wasn’t getting a pure Googlewhack. As far as the rules were concerned, I’d hit a Googlewhack with a number of searches, but results were omitted.

Oh, no! I have to have it saying results 1 to 1 of 1 at the top. If it doesn’t – I just don’t give a damn.

Skyboarding badgering was out because of this. But, skyboarding LEMONS came through.

And now I’ve got it on my site – as soon as Google realises this, that’s another Googlewhack gone. I feel quite happy – although I think that it’s fair to say all hail Nick who came up with skyboarding.

What a hero.