Prevent WordPress from Hanging when You Log on

I’ve set up a WordPress site for a client and have had no end of troubles trying to get the site to behave – however there seems to be a constant problem of WordPress hanging.

Looking further into it – I discovered that the feeds in the Dashboard were making the browser and site hang. There is likely to be an issue tied into the host / browser / Javascript.

Anyway, if you find that you are having the same problem, follow these directions:

  1. Restart your web browser (if it isn’t already closed)
  2. Beofre visiting your blog, open up the settings and disable javascript. (IE / Firefox / Opera Instructions)
  3. Open up your blog site and log on in the normal way.
  4. On the Dashboard panel, you’ll see that there are now a number of panels that state they require Javascript – great!
  5. On each widget – click on the configure link. Delete the contents of the RSS feed URL and then click on Submit
  6. Once done, you can turn Javascript back on in the broswer settings. You’ll see the widgets appear with errors on them.
  7. Now just go to the top of the page and click on Screen Options. Disable the widgets that show an error message and all will be right with the world once again!

It’s a bit of a pain, and I haven’t managed to get to the bottom of the problem as I am never in charge of hosts where the problems lie.

However, this workaround will at least get you going with your blog without any more hassle!